raw / cinematic / athletic

Alex Craig is a British director whose award-winning blend of narrative fiction and gonzo documentary has screened across numerous festivals and platforms internationally. Although he claims to have never had a plan, Alex has been driven by an obsession to observe, capture and manipulate images through the medium of film and television from an early age. Balancing intuitive storytelling with an eye for the fantastic, he has worked all over the world the best part of 25 years – traversing effortlessly between narrative, documentary and commercial film work. Based in Vancouver BC since 2007, Alex has partnered with the likes of Vice, MTV, Dazed & Confused, Nike, Poler, Quiksilver and Canon to create a slew of projects including the cult satire feature film “Machotaildrop” acclaimed TV series “Abandoned” and most recently the Hulu show “Eaters Guide to the World ” with Maya Rudolph.