One of our favourite collaborations with Bosa Properties has been to create a flagship film that encapsulates their brand identity and ambitions for the future.

This unique brand film weaves together the stories of three sets of characters who recently moved to Vancouver to pursue their careers and lifestyle goals. We tell the story through a series of voice notes that each family is leaving for loved ones abroad, telling them about their experiences so far in their new home. This narrative device was a match, and fits perfectly with Bosa’s overall strategy and target demographics – taking us on a journey through the city through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time.

The young family, the photographer, and the executive collectively share their goals and what attracts them to Vancouver – stepping into the shoes of Bosa’s potential clients and target groups. Along the way, we come across many of the buildings they created organically through the storylines; highlighting Bosa’s prominent role in shaping the landscape of this multicultural city.

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Production Team

Wallop Film


Matt Lawrence Dix


Sydney Robertson

Production Coordinator

Alice Best

Director of Photography

Justin Pelletier

Production Designer

Kathleen Cooper


Mackenzie Dunham

1st AC

Jacob Harris


Phoenix Simon

Key Grip

Matthew Koropatwa


Miel Enage


Peter Huang

Colour Grade

Peter Huang

Sound Design

Oscar Vargas

Services Provided

Concepting, Direction, Production, Post-Production