This documentary tells the incredible immigrant story of chef Hidekazu Tojo 東條英員, told through a culinary, cultural lens – with a focus on staying steadfast through hardships. Tojo-san guides us through his culinary and philosophical worlds, where we learn how we can change the world around us in our own subtle ways. At the film’s heart is a core question: when assimilating to a brand new culture, how much of yourself do you have to give up in the process?

The feature documentary is being released in 2024.

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Mads K. Baekkevold


Luis Guerra

Executive Producer

Matt Lawrence Dix

Associate Producer

Martin Glegg


Natalie Murao


Kaayla Whachell


Anna Chiyeko Shannon


Masahiro Takahashi

Vancouver Coordinator

Ashley Sugimoto

TELUS originals Producer

Ken Tsui

Services Provided

Story, Scripting, Cinematography, Production, Post-Production